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  • Cara Griffith - Marin, thank you so much for putting together such a fun shoot! You are awesome to work with and we cannot wait to have you there for our wedding. We still talk about how fun that day was, despite the freezing cold weather!

  • Kat Harris - darlin these are fabulous. i love the color palette, and how comfortable these 2 are in front of the lens. you are gifted!

Many of you have been following my work for awhile, and have known me first and foremost as a boudoir photographer. Creating alluring images of women was my passion, my main goal, and one focus toward a successful photography business. I loved every moment of it. It was what I wanted to do, and it was the path I always assumed I would continue on as a creative person. Little did I know, that things would start to bug-around and itch inside of my heart about the direction of my life, business, and style of photography. Who knew I would be challenged to let go of the one thing I was secure in?

For the last year I completely stopped photographing boudoir. I have allowed myself to rest, think, and ask ‘What do you (Marin) think is sexy? What do you think is beauty?’ – I wanted to stop listening to the noise stuck in my head. Quit looking to everyone else’s blogs. Find out who I truly am as a photographer, and face the challenge of strengthing my ‘natural light’ photography. I let go of my previous studio “boudoir” style and embraced the fear that comes with change.

Everything seemed to happen at once (of course, because that is the way life works). As soon as I quit boudoir photography, put everything on hold, and relocated my office into Napa Valley, my mailbox was flooded with inquiring clients. I unfortunately had to reject the inquiries, turn women away, and leave them with “hope and promises” that I would return (someday) with a new look for the more adventurous-and-daring woman.

Because of these inquiries, I started to reconsider my first impulse of quitting boudoir altogether… to simply changing everything about my previous ‘studio’ style. Deciding to abandon artificial light for the natural, my boudoir will now encompass all that I strive for within my wedding and portrait photography — The soft blanket, the sweet glow, and the warm breath that comes from a setting sun.

This is an exciting and new adventure (photographing boudoir outdoors) for both me and my potential clients. I don’t know how many of you are interested in being a fearless and brave ‘boudoir warrior’ — but one thing I am sure of, is that if you trust me as a creative artist and let me paint with light, it will render some of the most stunning and gorgeous images you have ever owned. Welcome, to the new Boudoir by Marin Kristine.

  • Summer - You are unbelievably amazing and I’m so proud of you and the clear direction that you’ve found! BIG things in store for you!!!!!

  • Julie Ann - you are insightful, imspiring , and a very strong woman. That makes you incredulaly sexy! Nothing like a strong indepentant thinking woman! Marin you are gifted and God is continuing to develope your talent…. just let it flow from with in! I love following your work!

  • Kat Harris - Marin. I love your heart. Your work is so stunning, and I’m proud of you for following your dreams:)

You lay me down slowly in our vast field of dreams.

  • Emily - GORGEOUS. Love the idea of the outside Boudoir pics! Stunning picutres, stunning model. Great Job, Marin!

  • Nikki - These are stunning. (:

  • chris cornwell - These are gorgeous!! if I had a body like this… you would be my pick for a boudoir shoot : ))

  • 'Nette - Eep!

    Marin, you’ve done it again!

    I, and probably loads of other women, identify SO MUCH with this, much more than the indoors boudoir look. (Let me first say: your boudoir photog is *gorgeous*!) The outdoors, natural-light sensibility connects the woman to a greater feminine spirit. And as hippie as I know that sounds, it is PERFECT.

    Rock on witcha bad self!


  • gustavo - Great Pictures and like I told the model yesterday.

    She is Gorgeous and hot, add to this her great personality and smile and you can add beautiful to all of the above.