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You lay me down slowly in our vast field of dreams.

  • Emily - GORGEOUS. Love the idea of the outside Boudoir pics! Stunning picutres, stunning model. Great Job, Marin!

  • Nikki - These are stunning. (:

  • chris cornwell - These are gorgeous!! if I had a body like this… you would be my pick for a boudoir shoot : ))

  • 'Nette - Eep!

    Marin, you’ve done it again!

    I, and probably loads of other women, identify SO MUCH with this, much more than the indoors boudoir look. (Let me first say: your boudoir photog is *gorgeous*!) The outdoors, natural-light sensibility connects the woman to a greater feminine spirit. And as hippie as I know that sounds, it is PERFECT.

    Rock on witcha bad self!


  • gustavo - Great Pictures and like I told the model yesterday.

    She is Gorgeous and hot, add to this her great personality and smile and you can add beautiful to all of the above.


“Stem one by one, each to its end, until the whole field is a white desire, empty, a single stem, a cluster, flower by flower”

  • Stephanie Fay - beautiful!!! love these colors!

  • Anouschka - Oh my Marin! I adore these! The colours are simply stunning and so delicate!

  • Marin Kristine - Awe, thank you so much for the warm compliments you guys! I love this field. It is one of my all time favorite locations ;)

  • katie zaboy - Awww you girls are so pretty! Gorgeous series of images =)