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You might be a little curious about where I work, or interested in why I highly encourage a visit to my office before booking your portrait session? Not only do I want you to fully experience and understand everything that Marin Kristine Photography stands for, but there are so many great products (albums, canvas, prints, image boxes, and more…) that can showcase your memories. Yes, you and I definitely live in a digital age, and it is super fun sharing and updating our lives online, but photography can be so much more than a new profile picture for Facebook. It is meant to be an experience, a timeless work of art, frozen emotions in print, and sweet memories mounted on your wall. Digital files are always available for purchase, but I want to encourage placing your images within the pages of an album to be passed down for generations. Take a little peak into my office before your visit by watching the video below…

Marin Kristine

Hello dear friends and new visitors, I am Marin Kristine. I know that it’s a bit silly to be introducing myselfView full post »