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Hello dear friends and new visitors, I am Marin Kristine. I know that it’s a bit silly to be introducing myself (especially if you have already been following my work for awhile) but somebody might be new here and searching out a portrait/wedding photographer. If that is the case, I thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I am hopeful that our paths are going to cross very soon, possibly while you are passing through Napa on your next wine tasting excursion. I’m thankful that you are reading this right now and interested in learning a little bit more about me and my photography. *If you would like to stay updated and hear about the current happenings around Marin Kristine Photography – connect with me (if you haven’t already) through all the various outlets of social media I use.2011 has been filled with all kinds of exciting new things for both my business and for myself; I have been defining my brand and images more deeply than ever before. So that means a new look (on the blog) and feel for 2012. As a potential client. this is a great and exciting thing for you. A photographer (and artist) that knows who they are, their brand, and what they want to capture – will only provide a consistently beautiful product. This is what you want [period] because as a buyer and investor of beautiful images you want to know what you are buying into. Therefore, I want to provide you with all you see on my blog, website, and more. I continually strive to be better every time I photograph, which means you might be getting the best pictures yet. I tend to be a perfectionist.

A little bit more about my photography side: I discovered this fabulous industry almost 5 years ago, and it has been quite the journey and growing experience. I have been like a run-away-train that has never stopped. I have pushed myself to create lovely images, steamed ahead to make this business happen, and even challenged myself to do the unthinkable… open my own office in the Napa Valley. This is my passion, and I have cherished each client that has invested in my business by purchasing images. Each one has been a stepping stone to my growth and has trusted me to capture their families moments and precious love. I have learned so much about myself, and others along the way. I can only hope and aspire to be doing this 10 years from now and traveling the world. 

Marin Kristine Photography // Napa // California // (707)365-4623

*images captured by Kassidy Anna Marie (my daughter)

It seems as if it was only yesterday that they were tiny budding baby girls – swaddled tightly, with rosy peach cheeks and sweet smiles. Yet with a blink of the eye they have become my little blossoms, and just as quickly as spring hits us in Northern California, they simply bloomed overnight. Some of you may know that I was raised as an ‘only child’ for 16 years (so I tend to still call myself one by default) but technically I am not. My parents decided to bring more additions into our family as I was spreading my wings, growing up, and blossoming into a woman myself. The addition of Madison Justine (now 13 years old) was like warm honey to my soul. I never loved a little baby more… she was the answer to my dreams, and the longings of my heart. She is the sister that I always wanted. Then of course, the unforeseen future hit as quickly as little girls blossom into women…  I had a daughter of my own (which many of you recognize from my blog). My perfect little Kassidy Anna Marie is almost 10 years old, and the love of my life. She has an infectious smile and a loud laugh that will melt any heart. I adore her, and never truly knew love until I held her in my arms. I want to celebrate these two little blossoms today who are both my ‘Sweet Valentines’ 365 days a year and whose love is always a constant in my life. I am grateful that .

I don’t know about you guys, but lately I have been quite aware of my heart and the fact that I was crafted and designed as a spiritual and soulful being. I have been more than aware of what makes me cry. I have taken notice of the things that fill me with rage and how my feelings get injured (if you know me, you know I can get loud and vocal about my personal feelings = anger) — But more than anything, I have been conscience of the things that move me, the things that touch my soul.

Last night, after a soothing warm bath, I lit some candles and wiggled my toes deep into the comfy (and colorful) blankets across my bed. I had a journal and pen in hand with classical music playing in the background (yes, classical music… can you say nerd alert?) It was difficult for me to STOP my day and put the emergency brakes on my ‘go-go-go’ attitude. I listened to the music around me. I absorbed the music. I felt the softness of my blankets. I soaked in the moment. Breathing. I was in the present, the now.

With every breath, I begin to notice the other sounds trickling in from the other room. How could I not? They were loud sounds and overpowering sounds – the voices of my husband and daughter – my loud family (and yes, I am part of that ultra loud family). They were in the living room playing together, goofing off and being silly. My husband was dragging my daughter across the floor on her favorite blanket (kind of like a train ride) and they were laughing. They were enjoying one another, being active. And, of course, here I am locked in my room attempting to soak in the sounds of the deep cello ministering to my heart. Trying to reflect on life. Attempting to write and read. I couldn’t be more different than those two. Why am I so different? Why do I march to a different drum? Why do colors, and music, and ambient lighting inspire me? Why does it go into the ‘deep of me’ and draw out hidden waters?

And that is when it hit me… because I am an Artist.

I know it must seem ridiculous, but I have a hard time classifying myself as an “ARTIST” – because in my mind artists are hippies and they paint, write poems, smoke cigarettes and hang out at coffee shops. Me? I am not like that therefore I must not be an artist, or at least a REAL artist. In my mind, I am just a girl that adores bold complimentary colors in her home and really enjoys capturing moments, nature, and beauty on film (like the image above). What is so super crazy ‘artist’ about that?

Most of the time, I feel extremely average (I think a lot of us do) and more than anything I just want someone to tell me that I am special. So in my quest for affirmation I keep busy, working and striving, attempting to pour ‘something of substance’ into this empty, gapping hole at the core of me – my heart. I keep myself so busy trying to fill it up with things like – the drive for success, my art and love for photography, striving and comparing, and the approval of humanity. I tend to keep myself so consistently busy that I ignore the cries and soft whimpers within my soul. The emptiness only continues to rage because I am not filling the hole inside of me with the water that it longs for (kind of like an unquenchable thirst, that is not satisfied with coffee).

It actually takes time, more work (what? more work? UGH!) and continued effort – to quiet down the external (and internal) noise, get rid of the distractions, light a candle, look within and look to God. Your true significance will come from Him, not from others.

Dig into the deep… Who are you really? What god do you serve? Are you more in love with yourself, or are you in love with Christ? Do you love people? Are you obsessed with the mistakes of your past? The fears and failures of your future? — It is so easy to get pulled into past mistakes, or distracted by the big and scary unknown future – but what we need to be doing as a ‘people’ is live in the PRESENT, the now, and cultivate our souls and relationships with others. That is what is important. Loving God and people are the most important thing!

What moves you? What is your purpose in this life?
What personally moves me and touches my soul is acknowledging the presence of God in my life and within other people. I love people, their laughter and tears, the shared pain and JOYS of living life. I want to live a full life! I don’t want to be stuck living in the mistakes of my past, nor 10 minutes ahead in the future. Life is too short to not live it FULLY, in the here and now in this present moment. I want to be grateful for the things I have today, and not be consumed by the desires and wants of tomorrow.*THIS WEEK: I challenge you, to STOP the noise in your life. Shut down your work, your facebook, and television – cultivate your soul. Take a bath, light a candle, pull out a pen/paper and express your thoughts. Start an inspiration wall. (If you are a photographer, like me) Take a photo that inspires you, not because it is your job. Quiet the noise and find out what the deep waters of your soul want to pour forth.