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It seems as if it was only yesterday that they were tiny budding baby girls – swaddled tightly, with rosy peach cheeks and sweet smiles. Yet with a blink of the eye they have become my little blossoms, and just as quickly as spring hits us in Northern California, they simply bloomed overnight. Some of you may know that I was raised as an ‘only child’ for 16 years (so I tend to still call myself one by default) but technically I am not. My parents decided to bring more additions into our family as I was spreading my wings, growing up, and blossoming into a woman myself. The addition of Madison Justine (now 13 years old) was like warm honey to my soul. I never loved a little baby more… she was the answer to my dreams, and the longings of my heart. She is the sister that I always wanted. Then of course, the unforeseen future hit as quickly as little girls blossom into women…  I had a daughter of my own (which many of you recognize from my blog). My perfect little Kassidy Anna Marie is almost 10 years old, and the love of my life. She has an infectious smile and a loud laugh that will melt any heart. I adore her, and never truly knew love until I held her in my arms. I want to celebrate these two little blossoms today who are both my ‘Sweet Valentines’ 365 days a year and whose love is always a constant in my life. I am grateful that .